Gitzo Launches Rationelle Fluid Head Series

The Gitzo Rationelle series comprises the G2270M, G2271M and the G2272M - three totally new heads designed from the ground up to provide improved support, ultimate balance and reliability.

Each head is crafted from ultra lightweight magnesium, can support payloads of up to 12.2 lbs. and features a unique plate configuration. In the past, using a medium format camera with similar sized heads has hindered the photographer's ability to use a spirit bubble to maintain a level plain. With the Rationelle series, however, each of the heads is equipped with multiple spirit levels, further ensuring that every shot will be taken at a level plain. Each head is also designed with ergonomically engineered pan and tilt handles that can be positioned on the right or left side, further enhancing the series' versatility. These low profile heads also feature a built-in fluid system, allowing each head to move smoothly along both the vertical and horizontal axis.

The G2270M, G2271M and the G2272M play host to an extremely efficient mechanical locking system designed by Gitzo engineers to withstand many years of intensive use. If needed, the locking system can be replaced independently to ensure long lasting use of the head in accordance with the Gitzo factory standards. Rubber O-ring gaskets around the locking bushings keep them securely in place if the tilt handles are removed to save space during transportation.

The Rationelle G2270M long plate and G2271M compact plate heads provide the support needed when shooting in medium format. Each head features a fixed plate secured by anti-rotation pins, further ensuring that the camera stays locked in position when shooting in portrait mode. When not in use, the anti-rotation pins are stored under the head in convenient pre-drilled holes. The G2270M long plate head tilts on the vertical axis from +95° to -50° while the G2271M compact plate head tilts from +95° to -60°. Both heads provide horizontal support from +100 to -100°. A redesigned, large hexagonal thumbscrew on the bottom of the camera locking screw, makes it easier than ever to attach and remove equipment to the head.

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