Getting Up-Close-&-Personal with Lions Using a Remote Control “Camera Buggy” (VIDEO)

New Zealand photographer Chris McLennan created some amazing images of an African pride of lions using a Nikon D800E, a remote control 4-wheel-drive "camera buggy,” and a healthy dose of creativity.

As you can see in the video below, McLennan housed his camera inside a protective Aquatech Sound Blimp and drove his rig into a pride of lions on the plains of Botswana. He calls the whole camera buggy contraption "Car-L."

A Spektrum DX6 transmitter enabled McLennan to both drive his buggy and fire the camera. He used the wide end of an 18-35mm zoom with a high ISO and small aperture to maximize depth of field.

The photos he captured are exceptional, and the lions seemed more curious than threatened. You can see more of McLennan’s work on his website.

Via Fstoppers