Family Chased by Cheetahs at Safari Park Was Photographing Them from Outside Their Car (VIDEO)

You probably saw the footage last week of a French family getting chased by cheetahs at a safari park in the Netherlands. The incident, which made international news, showed the family, including a mother holding a small child, rushing back to the safety of their car when several cheetahs appeared to chase them.  

What you probably didn’t see was the few minutes of footage beforehand where the family approached the cheetahs as they were resting in the shade, and tried to photograph them. As the cringe-worthy and harrowing video below shows, the family leaves their car and takes photos, and then gets back in the car and drives to a nearby hill where they exit the vehicle again. The cheetahs follow them to the second location where they stalk the family and chase them back into the car.

No one was injured in the incident, which happened at the Beekse Bergen safari park in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands. According to reports, the park has clear warning signs in several languages advising visitors not to leave their vehicles while in the park.

Stupid is a stupid does…

Via Peta Pixel