The Eye-Catching Winners of the “Tell a Story” Photo Challenge

Even in the caveman era we could see evidence of storytelling and as man evolved so did our ability to tell a story.  Since the rise of YouTube and social media, the importance and dominance of storytelling has become a phenomenal power. With entire businesses being built around their backstory to Instagram accounts accumulating millions of followers because of the story they tell; storytelling has become a tool louder than any other.

To honor and demonstrate storytelling, Shutterbug teamed up with GuruShots to create a photo challenge called Tell a Story. We know as photographers it comes naturally to see a story behind the picture, but we wanted to put you to the test and give us your best stories.

Of course, this is a contest that is widely open to interpretation. The idea of showing a story in a photo can take so many forms and we couldn’t wait to see all the ideas that would come our way! Maybe it even helped you see your photography in a new way.

We certainly weren’t disappointed with the response to this contest. Thousands of entries poured in for the Tell a Story challenge, so competition was fierce. After millions of votes were counted, three winners were picked in the Top Photographer, Top Photo, and Guru's Top pick categories.

We've included those winning images below along with seven runners-up. At the bottom of this post is a slideshow gallery with the rest of the runners up in the Tell A Story challenge.

Thanks to all the amazing photographers who entered the contest and be sure to visit GuruShots to see the next photo challenge.

Winning Images

Unnamed, Czech Republic – Top Photographer

Dag Nystuen, Norway – Top Photo

Bruno Martins, Portugal - Guru's Top Pick

Laure Vignaux, France

Laimute Kurlene, Netherlands

Geo Ramos, Cuba

Ilan Horn, Israel

Hasan OK, Turkey

Gal Meiri, United States

Marina Shipova