Digital Portrait Lighting DVD

Will Crockett, founder of, ShootSmarter University and producer of educational DVDs, has just released a 3rd level in a series of Digital Portrait Lighting DVDs entitled Digital Portrait Lighting 3.

This 62-minute DVD features author, speaker, hands-on instructor and photographer Christopher Grey. His friendly and easy-to-follow teaching style along with his passion for photography are just what's needed to provide the "nuts-n-bolts" necessary for photographers to jump-start their digital studio.

Chris takes the viewer through 13 chapters packed with real world studio set-ups, lighting tools, lighting styles, camera settings and techniques to help make their digital portraits reach a new level of perfection.

Today photographers are quickly realizing that digital capture requires a new breed of lighting tools and the skills to harness the power they offer. Chris takes the viewer on a tour of the latest tools from strobes and light modifiers to light metering and how to use them to their full advantage. But Chris doesn't stop there, he covers topics like step-by-step 3-zone lighting, make-up, film vs. digital, RAW and JPEG formats, several different portrait lighting styles and more.

Digital Portrait Lighting 3 is the perfect sequel to the Digital Portrait Lighting series and a must for photographers making the
move to a complete digital capture studio.