Digimarc Launches Public Beta of Desktop Search Tool for Digital Photos

Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRCE) today announced the public beta of Digimarc Image Search, an innovative desktop search tool designed for the rapidly growing digital photography market.

The free tool, downloadable from Digimarc's website at www.digimarc.com/mypicturemarc/imagesearch, works in conjunction with popular desktop search tools such as Google Desktop Search, MSN Desktop Search, and Yahoo! Desktop Search, enhancing the image search capabilities of these tools. Current desktop search tools have limited image search capabilities, typically looking for the file name in the header of an image, which can be easily changed or forgotten. Most professional and many consumer photographs are distributed today in digital form with an extensive array of associated information or "metadata" carried within the image files.

Digimarc Image Search works with and extends existing desktop search tools by enabling users to more quickly and effectively find images stored on a computer based on such information or "metadata" embedded into digital images, including keywords, copyright information and digital rights data; and identify image copyright holders and facilitate image licensing by accessing Internet services, where available, that connect to an image owner's website or Digimarc's image registry, which is available to users of Digimarc MyPictureMarc and ImageBridge digital watermarking software.

This beta release supports web updates for images from the Corbis stock photography library and for all other images that use Digimarc digital watermarking products.

Digital photography is often digitally watermarked by its owners using Digimarc software for a variety of purposes, including copyright protection, facilitation of licensing, and the monitoring of Internet marketing programs. The Digimarc software enables users to embed an imperceptible digital watermark that identifies the image's owner and registers that image in the Digimarc online registry. For images with embedded digital watermarks, Digimarc Image Search can retrieve current and dynamic information about the pictures from Internet resources; for example, identification of the owner of rights to facilitate licensing or additional keywords to improve search results. More information on Digimarc digital imaging products can be found at: www.digimarc.com/mypicturemarc.

Digimarc Image Search Beta is available now as a free download at www.digimarc.com/mypicturemarc/imagesearch.