David Brooks’ Digital Darkroom Resource CD; An Affordable Way To Get A Handle On Digital Imaging

When our resident digital guru's Digital Darkroom Resource CD appeared in 2003 it debuted to much fanfare. The first volume included 11 chapters; shortly thereafter, Brooks released a second volume containing 16 chapters. He's now outdone himself with a new, third volume that contains 26 chapters, totaling 318 pages in PDF format plus a folder of images for print test use.

As author of Shutterbug's Digital Help column and numerous articles on color calibration, scanning, and printing, Brooks is very much in touch with the key issues concerning all digital photographers and printmakers today. He's put considerable thought into the material provided on this CD and provides enough information to satisfy those at all levels of knowledge in this field. For example, those just getting into digital photography will benefit highly from his chapter titled "What A New Digital Camera Offers." Brooks goes in-depth to reveal how to properly set up a camera, what software to use, and how to work with image files to ensure the best possible reproduction.

After considering the basics, or for those already a bit more advanced, tutorials such as "The Art Of Photographic Re-Creation" will stir up everyone's creative juices.

Brooks has clearly established himself as a voice for photographers in the digital imaging age. He creates these CDs to both address the major issues facing digital photographers and to help everyone advance their art and craft. For the bargain price of $20, this is without a doubt an invaluable resource that every photographer should have for quick reference or in-depth study of this ever-changing field.

David Brooks' Digital Darkroom Resource: Volume III -- CD TOC

1. IS YOUR COMPUTER SET UP FOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY? - How To Stop The Default Demon From Making Your Pictures Blah!

2. MANAGING COLOR - A Practical Understanding Of Color Management

3. WHAT A NEW DIGITAL CAMERA OFFERS? - RAW--Getting The Best Quality Photographs From Your Camera

4. MAKING DIGITAL PHOTOS SING - Basic Image Optimization Using Photoshop

5. SCANNNING 1, 2, 3... - How To Get The Most Digital Image Quality From Film

6. HOW TO SCAN PHOTOS WITH LASERSOFT SILVERFAST SE 6 - A Practical Guide To Image Adjustment With SilverFast SE Version 6

7. SCANNING--CASE STUDIES - How To Correct Image Problems In Scan Adjustment With SilverFast

8. B&W NEGATIVE SCANNING - A Step-By-Step, Easy Way To Quality Images

9. TOWARD THE PERFECT PRINT - How To Get The Best Quality

10. IT'S ALL ABOUT INK & PAPER - How To Make Fine Prints With Epson's Photo Printers

11. DIGITAL IN BLACK & WHITE - Inkjet Printing Problems And Solutions

12. THE K.I.S.S. COLOR PRINTING WORKFLOW - How To Get The Best Print Quality & Color Matching Easily

13. IMAGE REPAIR, RETOUCHING & RESTORATION - How To Use A Few Simple Image-Editing Tools To
Perfect Photographs

14. BASIC REDEYE REMOVAL - Manual Photoshop Method For Easy Elimination Of Redeye

15. COWBOY & HORSES - Photoshop Layers, And Their Many Creative And Practical Uses

16. THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHIC RE-CREATION - How To Make An Image From The Mind's Eye


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