Crane Museo II Fine Art Paper

Crane & Company has introduced new, double sided Museo II, available exclusively in 250 gsm and 365 gsm weights. This completely new, fine art matte paper is 100% acid free and buffered with pure calcium carbonate to protect the paper from environmental acidification throughout its lifetime. Museo II contains no fluorescent brightening agents. It is made from 100% cotton fibers, which are the purest source of cellulose and it's produced with micro-filtered, naturally occurring, Artesian well water. Coated on both sides, Museo II is two-side printable. Museo II's "felt" side has a subtle Velina finish. The "wire" or smooth side has an even, smooth surface.

Museo II has a brightness of 91 and a Dmax of 1.65, using Epson Ultrachrome inks. Significantly higher Dmax can be achieved with the use of dye inks. The company claims that Museo II will produce the purest blacks and whitest whites of any available inkjet paper without optical brighteners. When properly profiled and printed on high-quality dye or pigment photo inkjet printers, it is said to produce exceptionally smooth gradients and the widest gamut of competitive papers. MuseoII is also a "forgiving" paper that will produce excellent results from most desktop inkjet printers, using Crane's available profiles.

Museo II meets Library of Congress standards for archival permanence, ISO 11108 requirements for permanence and durability for archival paper and ISO 9706 requirements for document permanence. Because no fluorescent brighteners are used Museo II is less subject to yellowing or other color shifts over time. The lack of optical brighteners also means that Museo II will not fluoresce in mixed light environments that may contain UV illumination.

The entire line of Museo® II inkjet papers is designed to print through most desktop and wide format inkjet printers' "normal" paper paths. The physical characteristics of all Museo II papers are optimized for handling and to minimize particle flaking, abrasion and other physical damage. When used properly, with the correct ink configurations, Museo II papers are not susceptible to either "bronzing" or "coalescence." No polymer resins are used in coating Museo II papers, so they offer a more archival finish than "RC-type" papers.

Museo II papers are especially designed for use with Epson 9600, 7600, 4000, 2200, R800 and R1800 pigment printers, and, though less archival, they produce excellent results with dye-based printers that offer even greater color gamut. All Museo II papers are optimized for use with quad-tone pigmented inks and so called "small gamut" inks used for monochrome and "toned" image reproduction.

Museo II papers are available in the most popular pre-cut sheet sizes of 8.5 x 11 (216 mm x 279 mm), 13 x 19 (329 mm x 483 mm) and 17 x 22 inches (432 mm x 559 mm). Please note: Other sizes and rolls are available on a custom basis in pallet quantities, special order only.

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