Carl Zeiss Establishes Camera Lens Sales Organization for North America

Beginning in June 2006, the Carl Zeiss Camera Lens Division assumed full responsibility for the distribution of its products in the United States and Canada. The division is implementing this measure in preparation for the launch of the new ZF lenses for Nikon SLR & DSLR cameras and other future product lines. The company's new sales department will also be responsible for the Zeiss Ikon camera system previously distributed by a partner. The product line available for this rangefinder camera includes ZM lenses, a unique line of premium ZEISS M bayonet lenses.

In the North American market, Richard Schleuning has been appointed as the National Sales Manager for a new Camera Lens Division with responsibility for the local sales, marketing and promotion of Zeiss Ikon products. Mr. Schleuning was formerly Executive Vice President at Hasselblad USA and joins Carl Zeiss, Inc. with over 25-years experience in the professional camera and photographic industry.

From these branch locations, Carl Zeiss will primarily utilize the expertise of experienced local and regional photo specialty dealers who already market Carl Zeiss lenses with such camera brands as Hasselblad or Rollei, or via Sony digital cameras. As in the past, these systems will be marketed by the camera manufacturers themselves.

In 2005, Carl Zeiss AG brought over 16 million camera lenses onto the market. The main customers are Sony in Tokyo, Nokia in Helsinki, Arnold & Richter in Munich (the world's biggest manufacturer for the equipment used in cinema and TV movie production), Hasselblad in Gothenburg as well as Band Pro Film & Digital in Hollywood and the professional camera manufacturers Alpa in Zurich, Sinar in Schaffhausen, and Rollei/Franke & Heidecke in Braunschweig.