Watch Benjamin Von Wong Take Superhero Portraits To the Edge...Literally (VIDEO)

Early this year, photographer Benjamin Von Wang and Chris Macaskill of SmugMug were inspired to create a series of superhero theme portraits with everyday people and including a very dynamic (and potentially dangerous) twist. The models for this shoot were all SmugMug employees and the location was not only the roof of a 45-story skyscraper (located in downtown San Francisco, California) but the very edge of that roof.

With the aid of safety equipment, the models (dressed as iconic comic book characters including Hellboy, Harley Quinn, Mystique and Deadpool) posed balanced on the edge of disaster with the city skyline and the street far below in the background.

This nearly seven-minute video below documents the shoot from set-up to finish revealing that the camera rig actually extended above the model and out over the edge to provide a bird’s eye view of the scene.

After watching the video below, we also recommend you check out this clip from Von Wong showing an amazing symphony he created that is comprised of sounds from Nikon cameras.


(Photos by Benjamin Von Wang)