Go Behind the Scenes at a Sigma Lens Testing Facility in this Revealing Video

Ever wonder how a lens is made? Ever wonder how they're repaired? The interesting and informative short video below was shot at a Sigma testing and repair facility in Japan and it offers a revealing glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.

In the hypnotic, 7-minute clip, a Sigma worker demonstrates to the viewer the high level of skill, dedication, testing and attention to even the smallest detail it takes to get a lens right. Make no mistake, this Sigma emplyee takes his job very seriously and his dedication to perfection is refreshing. If you ever need to have your favorite Sigma lens repaired, this video may help you rest easy in the knowledge that it appears to be treated with the utmost respect and should be returned to you in better than new condition.

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(Via News Shooter)

Below, we've posted two other videos from this Sigma lens series from 2014 and 2012.