Should Photographers Choose Macs or PCs? 5 Reasons One Pro Says PCs are the Way to Go (VIDEO)

The big “controversy” of yesteryear was whether film or digital cameras made the most sense for serious photographers. These days there’s a similar debate about the relative merits of PC computers and Macs for editing photos and videos.

In the video below photographer Manny Ortiz discusses five reasons why he chose a Dell XPS 15 laptop over a MacBook Pro for processing his work. Ortiz has plenty of experience with both platforms and owns both PCs and Macs. In this video you’ll see why he went for the Dell when shopping for a new laptop.

Despite his impression that Macs are more reliable and less susceptible to viruses than PCs, Ortiz says one deciding factor was price: The MacBook Pro he wanted cost $1,000 more than the 15-inch Dell under consideration. He was also intrigued by the touchscreen on the XPS 15, and after using that laptop he says this is a feature he can’t live without.

After watching the video to see the other reasons Ortiz chose the Dell, be sure to check out our earlier story in which columnist Jon Sienkiewicz offers another take on this ongoing Mac vs PC debate. You can find more interesting videos on the Manny Ortiz YouTube channel.