Anthropics Intros New PortraitPro v15 Portrait Photography Software

Anthropics Technology Ltd has launched PortraitPro v15—a major release of its fast and easy-to-use pro portrait retouching software.

PortraitPro 15 offers a wide variety of new features (many requested by photographers) including: realistic makeup controls, wide angle (selfie) lens distortion correction, enhanced Child mode, advanced skin coloring and tone correction, improved feature detection, and support for ultra-high resolution displays. PortraitPro 15’s technology allows for expanded creativity and retouching efficiency, while preserving natural-looking results and ease of use.

New Features in PortraitPro 15:

• Makeup Controls: from subtle, everyday looks to high-fashion editorial styles, PortraitPro 15 offers a full set of makeup controls—the most requested new feature.

• Wide Angle (Selfie) Lens Distortion Correction: the new Lens Correction slider fixes distortion caused by a wide-angle lens (known as selfie distortion on smartphones), creating more natural-looking, flattering portraits from pictures taken on wide-angle lenses or smartphones.

• Enhanced Child Mode: PortraitPro 15 can also enhance child photos better. Children need very different treatment from adults in terms of photographic enhancement, and new modes have been added to the software to treat children more sensitively.

• More Advanced Skin Coloring Controls: new skin coloring controls allow you to intelligently correct for any lighting situation and give skin a healthy, natural glow.

• Improved Feature Detection: feature detector has been made more accurate in version 15 to improve the quality of results and speed throughout.

• Support For Ultra High Resolution Displays: PortraitPro v15 now supports Apple Retina and Hi Res PC displays


PC: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 1Ghz CPU (or better), 2GB RAM

Mac: OSX 10.6 (or later)

PortraitPro 15 Pricing

PortraitPro: $79.90

Portrait Pro Studio: $119.90

Portrait Pro Studio Max: $239.90

More info on PortraitPro 15 here.