Adobe’s New Lightroom Classic CC Update: Here’s What You Need to Know About Version 7.3 (VIDEO)

Yesterday Adobe released a substantial update to Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC (Version 7.3), with new tools, enhancements for mobile devices, an expanded Curves panel, optimized face-tagging algorithms for more accurate detection, and much more.

One significant component of the new 7.3 release is the robust update to Camera Profiles, now just called Profiles. The expanded capabilities in Profiles include six new Adobe Raw profiles, 40 new Creative profiles, and a new Profile Browser that enables users to quickly compare and select the best profile for a specific image.

In the video below, image-editing maven Anthony Morganti provides an overview of yesterday’s Lightroom Classic CC update, and he takes a detailed look at what he considers three very important new features. This update is highly touted by the folks at Adobe, who call the enhancements to Profiles “massive,” so be sure and take a look.

You can find more Lightroom and Photoshop advice on Morganti’s YouTube channel, and in his recent tutorial with two simple tricks for removing unwanted objects from photographs.