7 Things You Should Do to Improve Your Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

You know the expression: "wisdom comes from experience"? That certainly applies to photography particularly when shooting landscapes, as landscape pro Mark Denney explains in the below tutorial.

"In this week’s episode, we discuss game changing landscape photography advice I should've applied sooner," Denney says.

"You know the saying 'I wish I knew what I know now back then'? Well, that's the topic of this week's video as I wish someone would have told me the advice covered in this video when I was a beginner getting started with landscape photography. It surely would have drastically sped up my progression and improved my photography as well."

In the video below, Denney shares seven tips he wishes he could've applied to his landscape photography when he was just starting out. Watch the video where explains the following advice and see if these tricks don't change the game with your photos now.

#1 Composition Is the Way

#2 Rotate

#3 Changing Perspective

#4 Time It Right

#5 Manual Understanding

#6 Education & Travel Over Gear

#7 Get the Reps In!

"The seven pieces of advice in this episode are all the things that looking back would have helped me out the most and my hope is that it might help you out in your photographic journey as well," he says.

Check it out below and if you're looking for more landscape photography advice, watch this video where Denney explains a simple trick that improved his images instantly.