5 Simple Tips for Shooting Natural Light Portraits on the Street (VIDEO)

Portrait photography can be particularly challenging when you’re shooting with natural light in urban locations where illumination can be complicated and ever changing. But the quick tutorial below offers five simple tips for getting the job done.

This behind-the-scenes video is part of the “Mastering Your Craft” instructional series from SLR Lounge that appears exclusively on AdoramaTV. You’ll watch photographer Pye Jirsa walk the streets of Laguna Beach with a pretty model, as he demonstrates his tricks for creating great portraits using whatever gear you own.

Pye demonstrates how to create a feeling of depth by choosing an appropriate background, employing leading lines to accentuate your subject, and how reflections from windows can deliver an interesting effect. You’ll also pick up some valuable advice on using natural props to add interest to a portrait.

Along the way Jirsa reveals the exposure settings and gear used for each shot. You’ll also see how slightly tweaking a model’s pose can have a big impact on your results. There are more helpful videos on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel.

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