5 Reasons Why the Pentax K-1 Is Still a Great DSLR to Buy Today (VIDEO)

The K-1 was launched back in 2016 but this first-time full-frame DSLR from Pentax is still a solid camera to buy today, according to classic gear guru Mattias Burling. In Burling’s video below with “5 Reasons to Buy the Pentax K-1 in 2019,” he calls the Pentax K-1 an “affordable full frame monster.”

“This is a 36-megapixel full frame beast,” Burling says about the K-1. “And despite being only three years old, it is already very affordable on the used market. It costs less than many modern cameras that have no business trying to compete with this top tier piece of machine.”

Watch the video below where Burling explains these five reasons you should consider the Pentax K-1 today:

#1 Image Quality

#2 Excellent Controls

#3 Build & Grip

#4 Features

#5 Lenses

“Overall this is a great camera with fast autofocus, a great build and a super nice sensor,” Burling explains, summing it up. If you don’t want to just take his word for it, read our review of the Pentax K-1 from 2016. Spoiler alert: we loved it, and you can buy it for a lot less now than three years ago.

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