5 Photography Hacks that Actually Work, According to Brandon Woelfel

There have been LOTs of videos in the last few years offering photography “hacks” to help give your images a unique look in no time. Some are good like Peter McKinnon’s pioneering “8 Camera HACKS in 90 Seconds” video. Some are, well, just kind of silly.

In the below video from Instgram star Brandon Woelfel, he shares 5 photography hacks that he actually uses. While Woelfel’s tips and tricks are geared towards portrait photography – which is his specialty – they can be applied to many genres, he says.

Here’s an outline of the 5 hacks that he explains in the below video via Digital Photography School:

1. Phones

Hold the phone up to your camera lens to reflect the image and light for a cool effect.

2. Thinking like an editor

Think of locations. Look at a scene in a way that your final edit will be applied. Mentally isolate a location in your head so when it comes to physically shoot your subject, you can apply what you had in your head.

3. No model hack

If you feel inspired but have no model, use your hands and a cool object such as glass ball, lights, and play with shallow depth of field.

4. Altering light

Manipulate natural light by using textured materials. Bounce light off a sequined pillow. Shoot light through colanders, CDs, doilies etc.

5. Use an object near your lens

Hold a leaf or other object and hold it close to the edge of the lens

If you want to learn more of Woefel’s tricks and tips visit his YouTube channel. You should also check out this story from yesterday featuring Woefel and three other photographers who shoot the same model.

Via Digital Photography School