5 Great Model Posing Tips for Photographers (VIDEO)

Posing models for portrait or boudoir photography is a lot harder than it looks. If you're a new photographer who hasn't worked with models before it can actually be pretty intimidating.

Fortunately, there are pros like fitness photographer Brett Seeley who shares five tips for better model posing in the below tutorial. "So you have a photo shoot coming up and you have no idea how to pose your model," Seeley says. "No worries, stay tuned and we'll show you five quick tips to pose better."

Here are the posing tips he demonstrates and explains while working with a model in the video below.

Posing Tip #1: The Eyes
"If the eyes are really big and bright, it looks like they have no clue what to do. They look scared and nervous. They look like they're taking a mugshot. So, tell your model to think about something delicious and they're eyes should go like this (narrow and look more relaxed)."

Posing Tip #2: The Mouth
"If your mouth is super tight, it makes you like you're nervous, holding something back. To have a better-looking mouth during a photo shoot, breathe in through the nose, exhale through the mouth."

Posing Tip #3: The Neck
"A lot of times when you don't think what you're doing, necks go back a bit. So, it might feel really weird, but imagine you're a turtle. Extend a little bit."

Posing Tip #4: The Hands
"One thing I see a lot is: 'What do I do with my hands?' and they get nervous. Put your hands in the same spot and move them at the same time (which looks awkward). Hands suit individuals, left is the left, right is the right. Feel free to move your hands opposite directions."

Tip #5: Knuckles
"Hands speak, as weird as that sounds. White knuckles are bad, because, then you can see it and photographers are going to have to Photoshop that out. And it gives off an energy of: 'I don't know what to do.' Instead, you want soft and relaxed hands."

While Seeley says at the beginning of the video that there are five posing tips, he actually offers five additional bonus tips, so make sure you watch till the end to get all ten.