4 SECRET Photo Skills from a Top Pro That WILL Up Your Game (VIDEO)

All photographers have their favorite techniques and styles of shooting, But pros tend to have a few tricks up their sleeves, and in the video below you’ll learn four such skills that one acclaimed photographer says “you can’t ignore.”

Based in Atlanta, Evan Ranft is best known for his landscape and cityscape work, and he’s also a great instructor.  He says, “Photography is my true love and passion, and I strive to use my photos to tell a story.”

Ranft is a strong believer that photographers should never stop growing, and in this episode he helps you expand your skills by encouraging you to try his favorite secret skills that many shooters ignore. Some of these techniques may require a bit of practice, but he promises that once your master the skills “you will hold the secret sauce to making good photos.”

In his first tip Ranft discusses the importance of “making people look good.” While this may seem obvious, it’s more involved than you may think. Ranft says, “What many photographers don’t understand is that making people look good is actually about capturing the essence of a person in a photograph.” And he provides helpful suggestions for doing just that.

Ranft also discusses his approach to composition, which is one of the most basic skills photographers need to learn, and one of the highly developed techniques that makes Ranft’s work so special. The secret sauce he explains here bypasses the common rules of framing, and involves some special methods he’s developed throughout the years.

Ranft has a great eye, and another of his strong points is a highly developed use of color, and he provides some invaluable advice in this regard. And they’re equally applicable whether you’re shooting landscapes, wildlife or portraits.

To see complete details on these techniques, and Ranft’s final secret, watch the video and give his advice a try.

You can find more great photography tips by visiting Ranft’s YouTube channel. And be sure to check out our recent tutorial, explaining how you can break the rules of photography to create captivating images.