4 Photographers Shoot the Same Model: Results Vary Widely in Episode 9 of Popular Series (VIDEO)

One of our favorite ongoing photography shows on YouTube is “4 Photographers Shoot the Same Model,” which just dropped its ninth episode on Jessica Kobeissi’s popular channel. In Episode 9, Kobeissi teams up with Brandon Woefel, Jon Sams, and Zach Allia to photograph model Sydney Harper.

As usual, each photographer picks their own location and outfit and photographs the same model to show how different their styles are. It’s all in good fun and we enjoy watching the creative process unfold.

The style of the show is easy breezy (and often humorous) but takes a little while to get going with the photographers chatting and sharing notes about how they are going to approach the shoot. But stick with it because it’s always an entertaining and revealing photographic exercise.

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