22Slides Portfolio Website Builder

22Slides is a new kind of website builder for photographers and other artists, boasting simplicity, ease of use, and helpful customer support. It's made with first-hand knowledge of the photography industry because it was built from the ground up by professional photographers. Customer service puts the user in direct contact with the people who built the service: real professional web developers.

An easy design editor that requires no HTML knowledge at all, slideshows, full-bleed images, search engine optimization, custom domains names, Flickr integration, iPad compatibility, mobile websites, custom CSS and Javascript support, and cutting-edge HTML5 construction are just some of the features that are built into 22Slides, and there are more enhancements being added regularly.

22Slides also offers a completely free, no risk two week trial period, and the service costs $10/mo afterwards. 22Slides is also giving away up to a month of free service for every single person that signs up, as a sign of appreciation to early adopters.


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Thats a great news for photographers. They can create there own website without any knowledge of html and other programing language.
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